About Svaroopa

SVAROOPA MEANS The Bliss of your own Being because practicing it helps reduce pain and stress to experience healing. This science based yoga promotes Core Opening through deep release of spinal muscles beginning at the tailbone. Every pose is fully supported and taught only by Svaroopa certified yoga teachers. Svaroopa is unlike any other style of yoga in that it provides both Experience and Liberation for both the mind and body. EXPERIENCE OF Healing, Bliss, Openings, Awareness and Release.LIBERATION FROM Pain, Stress, Constriction, Compression and Contraction.The Science of Svaroopa Yoga was developed over 20 years ago by Swami Nirmalananda Saraswati (then known as Rama Berch) after receiving Shaktipat transmission by her guru, Muktananda. Swamiji, as she is known to her students and followers, continually updates the Svaroopa yoga sciences and therapies to help people of all ages find restorative transformation and change.