Certified Svaroopa® Therapies

My continuing education in Svaroopa® is geared toward classes in Svaroop®a Yoga Therapy. This can include helping individuals in a class setting, but usually is done in a private, one on one session with a client, at my home studio. Below are some of the Therapies I am certified in:

Embodyment® Therapy:

Embodyment® Therapy is a one on one hands on healing modality where the therapist facilitates muscular release, healing, and conscious awareness  for their client. It is not an exchange of energy; rather it is a healing process through the awareness and perception of the trained therapist. By using specific hand placements, conscious awareness, and body perception, the therapist assists their client in alleviating pain.

Embodyment® sessions are an hour long and facilitate the Core Opening of 5 or 6 yoga classes for the client. Students often use Embodyment® Therapy during a healing process then graduate to regular Svaroopa® Yoga Classes. Or students also use Embodyment® sessions to augment the benefits of their continuing yoga classes.

Please contact Jiva to set up your private Embodyment® class.


Vichara Therapy

Vichara is sometimes called "Embodyment® for the mind". It is a form of self inquiry and discovery, where clients delve into their own reactions to life's conditions, and ultimately resolve any negative ones. Vichara doesn't actually just help change client's thinking, but it actually helps change the structure of their mind, which also has a profound effect on the body. The opening a student gets from Vichara is both mental and physical. A mind opens up more slowly than the body, and so, needs more help to do so through Vichara sessions.

Most clients find that Vichara helps them discover their own answers to questions or concerns they may have, helping them to move on into greater awareness and consciousness. Vichara sessions are an hour long.

Please contact Jiva to set up your private Vichara session.

Seniors and Adaptive Yoga

This type of therapy can be done for clients in either a classroom or private sessions. This therapeutic yoga uses specialized poses, propping and variations for students who are ill, recovering from injury, or simply experiencing age and genetics. Some clients begin with this therapy until they can move into a continuing level yoga class. Because Svaroopa® is such a restorative type of yoga, clients beginning here often go on to doing things in life they never thought they could do again!  Adaptive Yoga sessions are an hour long

 Please contact Jiva to set up your private Adaptive class.