"I have been practicing yoga with Jane for three years.  Her gentle approach has enabled me to become more flexible and relaxed.  Recently, having suffered a herniation in my neck she did a couple of Embodyment® sessions on me, and the last one helped me reach a wonderful zone of opening and release.  This relaxation therefore reduced my nerve pain considerably"

 Sue M. Woodstock CT


"I am a big fan of Svaroopa® Yoga! I noticed spinal relief after the very first time. After multiple times I started to notice a major release in and around my sacrum. Jane Fine is a great teacher and even though I do a lot of other Yoga I always notice the releases after her Svaroopa® class. I think it has done a tremendous amount to help heal where my spine was fused at lumbars 3 and 4. I always notice a tremendous change from the beginning of class to the end which the marker poses emphasize. All the poses are relatively easeful and it is so surprising that the changes are so great because it does not seem like I am doing very much! Time flies during class because it is so relaxing and feels spiritual as well as physically healing. Thank you Jane for introducing me to Svaroopa®! It has definitely improved my life!"

 Laurie S. Brooklyn CT.